We Have a Child Mental Health Crisis in This Country. You Can Help.

We have a child mental health crisis in this country. You can help.

The nation’s mental health crisis is impacting more children than ever before, particularly children from low-income families, communities of color, and children who identify as LGBTQ+. Rates of mental health disorders are soaring. Emergency room visits by children suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, and self-harm have jumped sharply. And teen and young adult suicide has risen by almost 60% in the last ten years.

Children’s mental health problems are real and common, but they are also treatable, especially when caught early. When children have access to intensive community- and home-based mental health care services their quality of life improves, their emotional and behavioral health strengthens, and they’re more likely to stay with their family. But we need advocates like you to help put pressure on governments to right this wrong.

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